Repair and Exchange Service - Arcade Ultimate Portable device

Repair and Exchange Service - Arcade Ultimate Portable device
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  • Item #: GP2628R-H
  • Condition: New

This service is only for user who pre-own an Arcade Ultimate Portable classic game console. Please do not order if you do not have a unit that would need repair or exchange of the Portable Game Console. The service requires you to ship back your old unit for exchange.

No matter if you have a crack on the LCD, or over-used battery that you no longer can recharge, you may purchase the ROE Service. Please follow below procedure to get your old unit exchanged:

1. Order this service by putting it in the shopping cart and paying for it.

2. We will mail you a new handheld unit via US Postal Service and send you the tracking number. You can track the information by logging to

3. Once you receive the exchange unit, please mail in your old or broken handheld unit to the exchange center at PO Box 1015, Hawthorne, CA 90251-1015 for refund of $11. You will not get a refund of $11 if you choose not to ship back your old unit.


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