Legends BitPixel

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Add a classic 8-bit pixel look to your compatible Legends Arcade Family product with the BitPixel LED marquee. This easy-to-install, active marquee connects via USB and displays both static and animated marquees and other content using the free PixelcadeX app. Usage options include replacing the marquee in your Legends Ultimate or as a separate display. The BitPixel LED marquee also works with Windows PC and Android devices.


Model Number: HAA300
27 x 6.7 x 0.7 inches; 6.16 Pounds

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Nathan Richmond
Cool product for the price needs some tweeks

Considering its an OEM add on its strange that it isn't simple to both power and usb connect internally for a clean finish without adding other accessories. Apart from that its an awesome nostalgia inducing add-on that's simple to get to work.

John Gannon
Needs some firmware updates badly.

Love it mostly... except the experience creating/implementing your own used-made marquees. It's a total mess. There is no way to permanently load your marquees onto the Pixelcade's SD card. So you need to have another USB slot used up forever. Ok fine. But it gets worse.

If that USB is plugged in when you boot up the machine it screws up the Pixelcade software and it doesn't kick in properly. So now you need to wait until the machine is booted up and then plug in your USB. Ok fine. But it gets worse. With the USB plugged in the attract mode will never kick in. You can have it set to 1 minute or more, it never will start. The moment you unplug the USB the attract mode will kick in. Bugs abound, this thing needs an update.

Let me save my user-created marquees to the SD card so I don't have this clunky USB process. Or at the very least allow attract mode to work properly. This is easily a 4/5 star product held back by junky software.

A really awesome idea

I bought this at the same time I got my ALU, and I love it. A lot of the game marquees look really impressive, especially some of the animated ones out there.

Daniel Fountain
Pretty cool

Good way to spruce up my Legends Ultimate, but the design is flawed regarding the usb and power hookup. Unless I missed something, there should be a way to connect the marquee’s usb and power internally using splitters to minimize cables being ran outside of the machine. Aside from that, looks good.

Shane Eckert
Good till it broke.

I was enjoying the bitpixel till it broke 20 hours later, tech support said it was a bad motherboard, I’m still waiting for when they’ll notify me when the replacement part has been shipped to me.