ArcadeNet® Standard Subscription (One Month)

ArcadeNet® Standard Subscription (One Month)

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  • $20.00 for (1) one month subscription to ArcadeNet® Standard.
  • With ArcadeNet® Standard, you have access to the full ArcadeNet® library, including arcade, console, and Cloud pinball, and can stream them in up to 1080p/60fps quality on any Legends Arcade Family device you log into. Up to six (6) concurrent device UUIDs can be shared with one ArcadeNet® ID, with one (1) device streaming at a time. Your ArcadeNet® friends list is unlimited. Multiplayer and voice chat supports up to four (4) players with this service option. And like with Cloud BYOG™, subscriptions are stackable, so you can add more months at any time, e.g., buying a 6 month subscription after a 1 month subscription gets you 7 months total.
  • Active ArcadeNet® Standard subscribers also receive a 10% discount on all ( purchases (automatically applied with ArcadeNet® login), as well as access to additional deals, exclusive giveaways, and other coupons. 

With ArcadeNet® you get easy-to-use, one-click-play of a growing library of amazing arcade, console, and pinball titles that are optimized for your Legends Arcade Family device. To start, there are a diverse range of titles to play, with many more added on a regular basis.

The prepaid digital code for the ArcadeNet® Standard subscription will be delivered to you via email within 24 hours after the transaction. You can redeem the code on the ArcadeNet® website:

Please use the same email used to purchase to create an Estore account.