Atari Flashback Gold 50th Anniversary Edition

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 The Atari Flashback Gold HDMI Console 50th Anniversary Edition is a classic game console with 130 built-in games, including Atari 2600 classics like Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, Paddle games like Kaboom! and Super Breakout, as well as many other legends like Activision’s Pitfall! and River Raid.

  • 50th Anniversary Atari Flashback Gold Mini HDMI Console with 130 Classic Games Built-in
  • Two wired Atari Joysticks and Paddle Controllers
  • HDMI video output (720P) Plug & Play on HD TV (HDMI cable included)
  • Save/Load/Rewind all games
  • Powered by Micro USB (adapter included)
  • For better gaming experience, please update the firmware for the product. Please visit here for firmware update: 


Model Number: AR3080

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Patrick Wallace
Very disappointed in customer service & product quality

I was very excited when this product was announced, and I bought one as soon as I could! But all the excitement came to a screeching halt. Here's what happened...

Unfortunately, after buying the Atari Flashback Gold Console 50th Anniversary Edition, I discovered how laggy the paddles were. At first, I thought it was the physical paddles. It could be a software or firmware issue. It is NOT the paddles themselves.
The next issue is that a joystick has broken. The stick just broke away from the base. I took photos and a video and contacted support. I got this game, first week of March. It broke in June. So far, support hasn't done anything but blow sunshine up where it doesn't shine! I was told they're "waiting for the warehouse team to get back to them."
I waited a full month before I wrote a follow-up email. I haven't even received a response from that. So now I'm stuck with a broken joystick to a game I can't play. I bought this from the AtGames shop on Newegg. I feel let down and ignored. I just can't, in good faith, recommend this product to anyone. Sorry, but this situation really sucks!

Hi Patrick,

Hope all is well, thank you for reaching out to us. However, while we do acknowledge and apologize for any frustrating experiences you may have had with support, this is our E-store for our Legends Family of products.

I did, however, go ahead and look into your support ticket with AFZ and I can see that you have been contacted just a few hours ago and provided shipping and tracking information.

tracking: 94055036993005776XXXXX

Once again, we do apologize for any inconvenience and hope that you are able to continue to have fun with your Atari Flashback once the controller arrives.

Have an amazing day!

Matt Laughlin
Paddles need some work

There is quite a bit of lag in paddles. Otherwise very cool device

Hi Matt,

Hope all is well, thank you for reaching out to us, I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing some lag with your paddles on the Flashback however, this is our E-store for our Legends Family of products.

For support with our line of Flashback Game Consoles and Blast Dongle products, you must reach out to AFZ Support. They can be reached at

Have a great day!

James Sheets

Game is ok, but the shipping was horrible. For 20.00 shipping you couldn’t even put the game in a shipping box and then the shipping stickers were stuck all over the game box. What a great way to send an 50th anniversary game. Will never do business with at-games again.

Hi James!

We're so sorry to hear that you were disappointed with shipping practices that were used for your product. We would love an opportunity to discuss this issue with you. If you would be so kind as to reach out to us at, we'd be happy to discuss this matter with you further.

Have a great day!
AtGames Customer support

Jon Wagner
Love this little console!

My first gaming console ever was the Atari VCS. The Atari Flashback 50th sure brings back memories with it's authentic look, nearly identical controllers and excellent game selection. The console itself is very small compared to the original VCS console, but the joysticks and paddles included are exactly the same size of the originals and will work on the original hardware. A firmware update was released in June that improves the paddle rotation, I recommend updating (if it's not already installed). The games that are included are many that you'll remember from Atari, Activision, Imagic, M Network and many others (130 in total). If there are games not on the console that you want to play, you can simply add an OTG cable and USB stick with your games to add more. This is a great little console and one I highly recommend!

Steven Craig
Good for what it is

I'm posting this review even though it's June 1st of 2023 and I think AtGames has already discontinued this unit. I was able to get one from their marketplace store on Newegg, but that was literally the only store that had any brand new at this point, though their store seemed to have plenty of the non-Gold 50th anniversary versions, from what I can tell, which are the same but with 20 less games and no paddles. Their official website here says both units are "Coming Soon," but I can't imagine that's the case.

In any event, I just plugged it in to have a little look at what's there. The Atari 2600 games were especially rudimentary. I didn't have an Atari growing up, so these are new to me, but I guess I was hoping the graphics would be at least slightly more advanced. The home game market really advanced with leaps and bounds by the time the NES showed up, when you compare that to what's here. Still, if you want some 70's or early 80's nostalgia, here you go.

My only real complaint out of the box is that the cables are all too short. They must expect you to sit right in front of your TV to play these, and God forbid I want to sit eight or ten feet back.

It seems to work fine, just keep your expectations in check. Beyond the novelty of playing truly one of the first home game system games, there's nothing here that's making me want to binge a game for hours at a time. I turn it on, pick a few games, play for a few minutes and then sarcastically go, "Okay, that was fun." And then I get bored and turn it off.

IF you have fond memories of these games, then I'll bet you'll love this. I think it was just ever so slightly before my time, and trying to enjoy it now just isn't really all that enthralling for me. I give Atari credit, had they not come along when they did, who knows if home gaming would have taken off the way it did. Too bad the company didn't really keep developing the way their competitors did back then.

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