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Add high-resolution still and animated marquees to your compatible Legends Arcade Platform product with the BitLCD marquee. This easy-to-install, active marquee connects via USB and displays both static and animated marquees and other content using the free PixelcadeX app. Usage options include replacing the marquee in your Legends Ultimate or displaying the BitLCD marquee separately with any other Legends Arcade Family product. You may also use the BitLCD marquee with a Windows PC or Android device.

Product Features:

  • LCD marquee compatible with most Legends Arcade Family products
  • LCD display controller board with microSD card slot (microSD card included) 
  • Dark blacks, even illumination, vibrant color reproduction
  • High sharpness and refresh rate
  • Compatible Operating System: Windows, Android
  • Instruction Manual
  • User Generated Marquees - A User's Guide
  • PCX folder structure for root of USB drive