Legends BitPixel HV

7 reviews

Sale price$299.99
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Add a classic 8-bit pixel look to your compatible Legends Arcade Family product with the compact BitPixel HV LED marquee. This easy-to-install, active marquee connects via USB and displays both static and animated marquees and other content using the free PixelcadeX app. Usage options include adding the marquee to your Legends Pinball or as a separate display. The BitPixel HV LED marquee also works with Windows PC and Android devices.


  • It’s the popular Legends BitPixel active LED marquee, now in a more compact form factor! Enhance your arcade, console, and pinball gaming experiences.
  • BitPixel HV fits the length of the Legends Pinball backglass or use it stand-alone with any other Legends Arcade Family device.
  • LED display controller board with microSD card slot (microSD card included).
  • High refresh frequency. 4mm pixel pitch.
  • Compatible Operating System: Legends Arcade Platform, Windows, Android.
  • Instruction Manual
Model Number: HAA300HV
20.9 x 8.9 x 2.2 inches; 5.72 Pounds

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Brian Mashner
Bug with the Taito tables - packs vs volumes

Had I known then what I know now, I would have bought the older Taito 'Volumes'. The newer (but supposedly the same) Taito 'Packs' do not show the bitpixel artwork, they just scroll the name of the table. Support acknowledged the issue at least but there is currently no ETA in case anyone is thinking about buying any of those tables and the HV. 4 stars as others have said, neat and cool but could be so great. I personally was not originally considering this purchase but then I found a half off sale. I originally mounted a tablet for DMD OTG and still may go that route because of the higher placement of the bitpixel hv.

James Mcclain
Bitpixel HV poor build quality

I bought the Bitpixel HV and the pixels were dead on screen. After a lengthy customer service back and forth it was replaced. End of April 2022. By December of 2022 the replacement did the same thing. I contacted them again 12-28-22. After 19 days of no response to my email. I chatted and the rep I previously emailed. Responded with it was out of 90 day warranty. So why first of all leave me hanging to say they would do nothing. Second, this product is poorly made to have 2 of them fail within 6 months. Don't buy it

Jason Weaver
Cool, but should be awesome for the price.

I’m really surprised and disappointed that this still can’t be used as a DMD on the stock AtGames tables and that there are still only purely static images for the AtGames tables. Even on sale this is an expensive piece that is capable of very little in its current state. IF it ever gets stock DMD support then it’ll be a must have 5 star product hands down at the sale price and a maybe at full price. Please make this a 5 star product AtGames and Pixelcade.

Stephen Lewis
Good, could be great

The BitPixel HV adds some extra flair to the Legends Pinball and is a great addition overall. 1 main item I would of liked to see implemented was an auto on and off feature (or at least an easy reach on off switch). Otherwise nice addition to the system.

Michel Baron
A must have

I have mine for 3 months now, it adds the perfect touch and it looks great. It's easy to setup. Some games have static images and some are animated. Colours are vibrant and it seems to be well made. I am happy with my purchase and would buy it again.