Gottlieb Tables Volume 1 [$20 deposit. Full price is $50]

Gottlieb Tables Volume 1 [$20 deposit. Full price is $50]

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Gottlieb Table Volume 1 

AtGames and FarSight Studios bring you exciting classic pinball tables from Gottlieb, curated into two game volumes that are sure to thrill both enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. In this amazing volume, experience what life was like on the road as a rock ‘n’ roll star in Al’s Garage Band Goes on a World Tour™. Hurtle through the cosmos as a space explorer, but don’t get sucked into a Black Hole™. Quiet on the set, it’s time to shoot the next scene with Lights…Camera…Action!™. If you’re looking for more classic simulations, try your hand at Jacks Open™ or Goin’ Nuts™. Regardless of your preference, with AtGames, there’s a table for everyone in this exciting pinball collection!           

Tables included:

Al's Garage Band Goes on a World Tour™

Big Shot™

Black Hole™

Bone Busters Inc.™

Centigrade 37™

Cue Ball Wizard™

Goin’ Nuts™

Jacks Open™

Lights... Camera... Action!™

TX Sector™


 Note: Tables will need to be downloaded to Flash Drive X™