Gottlieb Tables Volume 2 for Legends Ultimate, Legends Ultimate Mini, Gamer Pro, Gamer Mini, Legends Core, Legends Connect

Gottlieb Tables Volume 2 for Legends Ultimate, Legends Ultimate Mini, Gamer Pro, Gamer Mini, Legends Core, Legends Connect

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Gottlieb Table Volume 2

AtGames and FarSight Studios bring you exciting classic pinball tables from Gottlieb, curated into two game volumes that are sure to thrill both enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. In this impressive volume, attend a spooky school reunion with Class of 1812™. Playing a round of golf may not be so relaxing with a troublesome gopher on the loose in Tee’d Off™. Grab a flashlight, some friends, and your wits if you want to escape the Haunted House™. Shred the gnar as you ski the slopes with Wipeout™. Try the classics with Genie™ or Central Park™. Regardless of your preference, with AtGames, there’s a table for everyone in this amazing pinball collection!

Tables included:

Cactus Jacks™

Central Park™

Class Of 1812™

El Dorado: City Of Gold™



Haunted House™

Pistol Poker™

Rescue 911™

Teed Off™


 Note: Tables will need to be downloaded to Flash Drive X™


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