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Legends Pinball (HA8819) [Reservation]

Legends Pinball (HA8819) [Reservation]

Regular price $20.00 Promotion

Deposit $20. Retail price $599.99. Shipping cost is extra $100.

Reservations will open on November 30, 2020 for those in the continental US based on the following schedule:

WAVE 1 - Legends Ultimate 1.0 owners (350 games version): 9AM PT

WAVE 2 - Legends Ultimate 1.0, Legends Ultimate 1.1 (300 games version), and Legends Gamer series owners: 10AM PT

WAVE 3 - All Legends Arcade Family owners and Non-Legends Arcade Family owners: Noon PT

Current owners will need to enter their product's UUID (found in the Arcade Info section of the Settings menu) in the "Discount Code" on the check-out page for the reservation at the time specified for validation. If you do not have a valid UUID and/or you enter your information during a Wave that is not applicable to your status, your reservation will be placed under Wave 3.

Because of the unprecedented demand and limited supply, all reservations require a non-refundable, $20 deposit, which provides the reserver access to 5 bonus pinball tables for use on any Legends Arcade Family device. These are the same 5 bonus pinball tables that purchasers of the Legends Gamer Pro from HSN have received (Black Hole, Haunted House, Lights...Camera...Action!, Rescue 911, and Tee'd Off). If you already own these 5 HSN bonus pinball tables, AtGames will provide for an exchange of equal value (TBD).

If you cancel your reservation at a later date, the $20 deposit will not be refunded, but you still get to keep your 5 bonus pinball tables. AtGames reserves the right to cancel any reservations at their discretion, at which time the $20 deposit will be refunded and the 5 bonus tables offer rescinded. When reservations are converted to a purchase, the $20 deposit will be deducted from the order total.

Initial shipments are expected to start around December 15. Once a shipment is ready, then the next person on the reservation list will be contacted via email to complete payment within 48 hours. Shipping cost is not included in the purchase price and will be indicated on the reservation page. The 30 day manufacturer warranty begins from when the purchaser receives the goods.

Timing for subsequent shipments will be communicated as available. For those who prefer a retail option, multiple retailers will start to carry Legends Pinball in late Q1/early Q2 2021.

Reservation Terms and Conditions

A Reservation for Legends Pinball requires you to make a non-refundable $20.00 deposit. To redeem a Reservation, you must pay the cost of the product, $599.99 plus shipping cost, less $20.00 deposit, when the product becomes available (“Notification Date”). Reservations are cancelable before or up to 48 hours after Notification Date, less non-refundable deposit fee. Reservations not redeemed or canceled within 48 hours after Notification Date are automatically canceled.

AtGames reserves the right to cancel a Reservation or the Reservation process at any time for any reason.

Terms and conditions are subject to change.


The AtGames Legends Pinball is The World’s First Connected Pinball™, providing an incredible simulation of arcade pinball play from the comfort of home. With 22 licensed, genre-defining arcade pinball games built-in, and the ability to easily add more, the fun never has to end. Thanks to its connectivity, Legends Pinball allows for online multiplayer via its unique Shared Screen Party Play™ feature, where each player can both chat and watch each other’s turn in real-time.

Product Features:

  • 22 licensed arcade pinball games built-in (expandable)
  • 32 inch high-definition LCD playfield
  • 15.6 inch LCD backglass
  • High-performance USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth support
  • Legends Arcade Platform
      • ArcadeNet®
      • BYOG™ – Bring Your Own Game™
      • AtGames Leagues Leaderboards™ (ALL)
  • Product Size: 64 x 42 x 19 inches (approximate; final dimensions subject to change)

*Note: Minor cosmetic and technical changes are made over time, including slight differences in artwork. All features, functionality, and other product specifications indicated are subject to change without notice.