Zaccaria Table Volume 5 for Legends Pinball

Zaccaria Table Volume 5 for Legends Pinball

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AtGames and Magic Pixel brings to life the magnificent Zaccaria pinball tables in stunning 1080p at 60fps! Relive these amazing classic tables on any of the Legends Arcade devices or take it to the next level with the AtGames Legends Pinball!

This deluxe pinball pack includes all-time favorites that are the most modern versions of the original tables with such advanced features as multi-level playfields, animated characters that affect gameplay, multiball modes with variable ball numbers, and a high-resolution color LCD screen. They also feature a redrawn playfield, cover, and box art!

Tables Included:

  1. Cine Star Deluxe
  2. House of Diamonds Deluxe
  3. Pool Champion Deluxe
  4. Robot Deluxe
  5. Universe Deluxe
  6. Combat Deluxe
  7. Farfalla Deluxe
  8. Red Show Deluxe
  9. Spooky Deluxe
  10. Strike Deluxe

Note: Tables will need to be downloaded to Flash Drive X™.

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