Zaccaria HD Pinball Volume 5 for Legends Pinball HD & Core Max

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Note: the included ten tables are already built-in on the Legends Pinball Micro HD. 

AtGames and Magic Pixel brings to life the magnificent Zaccaria pinball tables in stunning 1080p at 60fps! Relive these amazing classic tables on any of the Legends Arcade devices or take it to the next level with the AtGames Legends Pinball!

This deluxe pinball pack includes all-time favorites that are the most modern versions of the original tables with such advanced features as multi-level playfields, animated characters that affect gameplay, multiball modes with variable ball numbers, and a high-resolution color LCD screen. They also feature a redrawn playfield, cover, and box art!

This volume is non-universal and is only for Legends Pinball HD and Legends Core Max currently.

Tables Included:

  1. Cine Star Deluxe
  2. House of Diamonds Deluxe
  3. Pool Champion Deluxe
  4. Robot Deluxe
  5. Universe Deluxe
  6. Combat Deluxe
  7. Farfalla Deluxe
  8. Red Show Deluxe
  9. Spooky Deluxe
  10. Strike Deluxe


1. Some devices include built-in flash memory and don’t require a USB flash drive. Only those that require an external flash drive will need to follow the on-screen display menu to download the pinball/game pack to a FlashDriveX™-formatted USB drive (not included). If your USB flash drive is larger than 32GB, you can partition it from your PC. The first partition, for use with FlashDriveX, should be at least 16GB and recommended not to exceed 32GB. (For how to format a USB Drive and download the pack, please see here.) 

2. If you choose to associate your purchase with your Legends ID account, you may install your digital pinball tables/games pack on up to six (6) connected devices. As an alternate option, you may choose to associate your purchase with a single compatible device, which will allow for offline usage, but does not allow for usage on any other device.

3. All features, updates, and game packs have been designed and tested to work with the latest firmware (5.68 or newer) of your device. AtGames cannot guarantee compatibility with previous firmware versions. It is always recommended that users be on the latest firmware to ensure a smooth gaming experience. For more information, please refer to the release notes section HERE 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kyle Daniels
Missing some deluxe tables

This is an excellent pack for the Deluxe tables, with better graphics and more modes, if you like that type. When on sale it is worth the asking price. Unfortunately only 10 are included and feel it should include all deluxe tables for the old school Zaccariah tables such as Space Shuttle and Zankor. There should be a patch or update for those to be downloaded and added in for those who have this pack.

Ponti eric
Tables Zaccaria Deluxe

Très belles tables de jeux, très réaliste, TOP!

Dave Paris
Gorgeous Tables

These are very beautiful tables. Vibrant colors, multiple layers, high definition, really fun long-duration play. I think some of the earlier pinball tables were made to grab as many quarters as possible (short-play-time). Some of the newer games have much longer play. This is definitely a pack you will want for hours of fun and also to show off the capabilities of this machine!

Another fun pack for your ALP

I have every table available from Atgames so I think I can speak on the quality of these tables, especially considering I also have played the PC based tbales that work with the ALP as well. THe limiting factor in any table is the hardware that it runs on, here Atgames has provided 1080p at 60fps with toys, multiballs, voice overs, ect NOT on a PC. I'd say that's pretty impressive but what UI really like about these tables overall is the colors and play. While never gimmicky tables have way too much going on alot of these tables keep it simple and focus on the game play. Stand outs on this pack are Spooky Deluxe which looks beautiful and has alot of fun targets to hit on the cool table and back glass, Combat Deluxe which also has some cool effects and challenging upper areas. Farfalla Deluxe, its just a beautiful table with rich colors and fun theme. My favorite on this pack is probably Strike Deluxe, it has a really cool side challenge where you throw the pinball at pins. Best to pick up these tables on sale during NOD or holiday discounts

Troy Stockwell
Not as good as I expected.

So I bought this pack expecting Zen levels of play with animated characters, voice overs and lots of targets and things to do, well that mostly true, but the quality of the visuals are not great, kinda watercolor like, the voice over work is really bad, Spooky is grading on the ears and most of the games are really quiet and lack any real punch. Farfalla for example has so much going on that you rarely can keep track of what is on. To many playfields and not enough engaging things to do is the theme of this review. Combat or Battle as it shows up in game is one of the better ones, but it still lacks any defining villain or punchy lines to keep it fun. low war theme tunes with an occasional jet or cannon sound. I really wanted to love these tables but for $50 I am regretting my purchase. I really just wanted the remake versions in a single pack, but these were the "next best thing" or so I thought. Now I will be slowly picking up 9 other games for the other 15 to 20 games that are really good like Blackbelt 18 which had good sounds, awesome voice over and overall better game experience. ATgames really needs to show the playfields for all the games either on the Pinball pack or at least online. I spend hours watching videos on youtube just to see what I was purchasing..... Love the system, but the packs are poorly marketed and in these case poorly executed.

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