Fun That Never Goes Out of Style

Since its initial 2005 distribution partnership with Sega to launch retro hardware products for a global audience, AtGames has been breathing new life into video game classics. With the addition of the Atari Flashback series in 2011, and partnerships with other licensors on more amazing retro gaming software and hardware projects, the AtGames Flashback Zone (AFZ) was born. Today, AtGames continues its efforts to ensure that all generations of gamers can enjoy timeless favorites in exciting new ways.

Now with offices in Los Angeles, Taipei and Shenzhen, AtGames continues to bring a global and inclusive perspective to gaming. AFZ has a commitment to broad accessibility -no one should be excluded from gaming! That's why AFZ pays particular attention to families, including parents who want to share their childhood favorites with their own kids. We also aim to bring the classic gaming experience to modern gamers who might appreciate the retro style of gaming, as well as to nongamers who find the barrier of entry into modern gaming too high.
Variety is our hallmark - from "premium" HD consoles to indestructible handhelds, to current-gen console software with upgraded graphics, whether you love Space Invaders, Sonic, or Pitfall!, there's something for everyone in the family.  But no matter the product, era, or title, AFZ products are first and foremost fun!


With a commitment to authenticity, the AtGames Flashback Zone provides historic gaming experiences that are affordable, family-friendly, easy to access, and easy to play.