Legends Ultimate Mini

10 reviews

Sale price$449.99
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An expandable, compact, full-height home arcade with included pinball kit and huge selection of 150 genre-defining arcade and console games. A user-rotatable display allows you to play portrait-and landscape-orientation games and pinball tables in their original format. Connectivity makes adding games easy and enables online multiplayer gaming, leaderboards, and exclusive features and content.

  • Full Height One-Player Arcade featuring arcade-quality controls. Easy to assemble and set up.
  • 150 Games including SPACE INVADERS, TETRIS, BurgerTime, Aladdin, THE LION KING, TRON, and more!
  • User-Rotatable Display for authentic portrait and landscape gaming.
  • Pro-grade Pinball Buttons for digital pinball games.
  • ArcadeNet is the AtGames streaming service that gives access to 200+ arcade, console, and pinball games.
  • Connectivity Easy hook up to Wi-Fi or Ethernet to enjoy ArcadeNet, BYOG, online updates, multiplayer, lobby, friends list, voice chat, global leaderboards.
  • Unlimited Family Entertainment & Events include weekly happy hours for online party play and the free biannual National Owners Day (NOD) festivals.
  • Immersive Arcade Experience with 18.5” HD LCD display and stereo speakers.
  • BYOG is AtGames cloud gaming service. Play your PC games library on Legends Ultimate Mini.
  • Over 40 Legends arcade devices, accessories, and game packs for value-add.

Model Number: HA8810
19.21 x 17.79 x 61.81 inches; 55 Pounds

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ralph ONeal

Everything went excellent with ordering,Shipping! I have bought numerous AtGames products. My only disappointment is the pricing. Right after purchase,Sam's Club dropped prices. So I essentially payed double the price through AtGames website. Oh well,still love em!

Kevin Kevin Aguilar
Fun for the space you save.

I have had every 3/4 scale machine but this one is perfect except for two things. the shipping price and not including any pinball games. I was thinking about buying the Dr. Seuss pack one. The inner frame is weak but it is a solid build and no need to change buttons and stick this has a great setup. Easily plug in your acadebox, super console x, coin-ops, or raspberry pi in and watch it goes. The side art is only remarkable because of the space invaders and star wars.

Ryan Nickerson
It’s cool

Pros compact, expandable, fun, clear screen. good build quality. Cons Improve the computing power, body art, and add a second controller.

Great first product!

I am pleasantly surprised by how much I love this device. It really packs a punch for a a one player arcade cab. The rotatable display is what sold me! Can't find that anywhere else on the market, and this thing is at a terrific price. I will keep purchasing if they guys keep making great products like these. I also purchased AtGames Legends Ultimate Pinball and boys am I having a blast! Please keep coming out with new games for these machines. I see you have Activision and Data East games coming soon. You will for sure have a repeat customer! Thanks

Justin Seimears
The Login every 5 times of use is a real PAIN!!!

I like the Atgames Legends Mini. Only thing I can not stand about it is the required login every 5 times I use the cabinet. When I play my own games off line such as CoinopsX I should not have to do this. At the very least make it so that it saves my Login info So I dont have to retype it in with the joystick and buttons. It keeps me from using the cabinet. total pain. I would give it 5 stars if they would remove this annoying requirement. makes me wish I didn't buy the cabinet. total deal breaker for me. Until they change this I suggest buyers stay away.