Legends BitLCD HD

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This is only compatible with Legends Ultimate HD.

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Add high-resolution still and animated marquees to your compatible Legends Arcade Platform product with the BitLCD marquee. This easy-to-install, active marquee connects via USB and displays both static and animated marquees and other content using the free BitLCD app. Usage options include replacing the marquee in your Legends Ultimate or displaying the BitLCD marquee separately with any other Legends Arcade Family product. 

Product Features:

  • LCD marquee only compatible with Legends Ultimate HD.
  • LCD display controller board with USB slot (*USB stick not included)
  • Dark blacks, even illumination, vibrant color reproduction
  • High sharpness and refresh rate
  • Compatible Operating System: Windows, Android (to be supported in a future update)
  • Instruction Manual
  • User Generated Marquees - A User's Guide
  • PCX folder structure for root of USB drive

 *Note: USB stick is required and needs to be formatted as FAT32. More information about BitLCD installation and setting, please check it out at Legends BitLCD Guide – Wagner’s TechTalk (wagnerstechtalk.com).   

Model Number: HAA380

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Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Greg N
Love it!

I got this on sale for my birthday. It is very high quality and brighter than my Legends screen. I had an issue while installing it. After trying a lot of things, it ended up that the ferrite bead on the USB cable had to be next to the screen and not the control box. Once I switched it around, that made it work for me.

Geofrey Pejsa
AtGames BitLCD

The BitLCD display provides a cool looking added screen above the main screen showing the name of the arcade game being played and other tidbits of info in a good LCD screen. Really adds to the gameplay!

Jeffrey McKelvy
BitLCD is more than a BitExciting

I had recently purchased the AtGames Legends Ultimate arcade and saw some online reviews of the BitLCD and couldn't resist purchasing one. I'm very glad I did. This thing is amazing! I find myself scrolling through my games just to look at the wonderful marque artwork. It really takes me back to the days of the arcade and makes my ALU really look the part. It was money very well spent and because of this and the machine itself, I know that I will be purchasing many more products from this company. AtGames listens to the arcade fans and delivers another home run!

Not satisfied at all.

My order has not been fulfilled and it’s keeping me from finishing my cabinet and I’m getting zero help. Very disappointed new customer.

Hi there, we apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced with your order of Legends BitLCD. We understand how frustrating it can be not to have your order fulfilled, especially when it's holding you back from completing your cabinet. Our team is here to assist you and we will do our best to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Please reach out to us and we will do everything we can to help. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Erica Rodriguez

The Bit LCD takes the Legend Ultimate Arcade to the next level. Beautiful display and quality marquee.

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