Natural History Pinball Pack

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Please make sure to update your firmware to V5.49 or higher and go to My Digital Locker in Settings to redeem your code. Please see tutorial here.

AtGames and Magic Pixel bring you 4 original arcade-quality Natural History pinball tables developed in consultation with experts in their field. These tables include Amazonia, Dinosaur Dynasty, Exoplanets, and The Last Ice Age, with up to 1080p and 60fps performance. The Natural History tables feature modern and dynamic gameplay elements with scientifically accurate themes to create unique experiences found only on the Legends Arcade Family of devices.

This pack is universal and compatible to all Legends devices. Tables included:

  • Amazonia
  • Dinosaur Dynasty
  • Exoplanets
  • The Last Ice Age

Amazonia (Natural History)

The Amazon rainforest, or Amazonia, is one of the most beautiful locations on Earth, featuring spectacular tropical landscapes and diverse flora and fauna. In this original pinball creation, meet some of Amazonia’s most fascinating creatures, including anacondas, piranhas, caimans, toucans, jaguars, and army ants. The animated world of Amazonia will draw you in with its modern, dynamic gameplay, and scientifically accurate themes.

Dinosaur Dynasty (Natural History)

Return to a time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth in this original pinball creation. Get to know the mysteries of the Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Pteranodon, and Ankylosaurus genera. Beware, as some of these creatures are not happy about your intrusion into their world! The volcano can also erupt at any moment, causing a massive earthquake and covering the sky in smoke, blocking the playfield! The living world of Dinosaur Dynasty will engross you with its modern, dynamic gameplay, and scientifically accurate themes.

Exoplanets (Natural History)

The human race must find another Earth-like planet to live on, but time is running out in this original pinball creation. In a desperate move, a probe is sent to scan numerous exoplanets from Proxima Centauri b, which is 4.25 lightyears away, to SWEEPS-11 b, which is 27,727 lightyears away. Will a suitable planet be found in time? Exoplanets will enchant you with its modern, dynamic gameplay, and scientifically accurate themes, as you explore the dark and dangerous infinity of the cosmos. 

The Last Ice Age (Natural History)

It’s cold during the day. It’s cold at night. It’s always cold. Find food, make a fire, and fight wild animals to survive in this original pinball creation. In these frozen times, survival is life. The Last Ice Age will challenge you with its modern, dynamic gameplay, and scientifically accurate themes as you try and overcome the cold and ferocious beasts like mammoths and saber-toothed tigers.



1. Some devices include built-in flash memory and don’t require a USB flash drive. Only those that require an external flash drive will need to follow the on-screen display menu to download the pinball/game pack to a FlashDriveX™-formatted USB drive (not included). If your USB flash drive is larger than 32GB, you can partition it from your PC. The first partition, for use with FlashDriveX, should be at least 16GB and recommended not to exceed 32GB. (For how to format a USB Drive and download the pack, please see here.) 

2. If you choose to associate your purchase with your Legends ID account, you may install your digital pinball tables/games pack on up to six (6) connected devices. As an alternate option, you may choose to associate your purchase with a single compatible device, which will allow for offline usage, but does not allow for usage on any other device.

3. All features, updates, and game packs have been designed and tested to work with the latest firmware (5.68 or newer) of your device. AtGames cannot guarantee compatibility with previous firmware versions. It is always recommended that users be on the latest firmware to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 22 reviews
      One of the best packs available

      This is one of the best packs available, Dinosaur Dynasty and Amazonia are both 2 of the best boards there are and both available in one pack, 5 star pack all day longand worth every penny

      Cedric De wilde
      Belles tables

      Tres bonnes tables bon ajout pour mon legends pinball code recu en 5 minutes sur mon flipper par contre un peu cher pour 4 tables

      Buy at your own risk!

      Purchased this pack on January 2 and never received a code. Reached out to customer service several times with no response. Atgames has the worst customer service I have ever encountered! If you purchase anything from this website, beware that you might not get the product or any customer service support. I hope to God nothing ever goes wrong with my pinball machine, because once Atgames gets your money, you’re on your own.

      Frank Contreras

      These tables are Amazing. Fun to play and worth every penny. It was my first table pack purchase and I have to say they hit it out of the ball park. Beautiful and a great way to show off your table. I hope they keep them coming with more builds like this.

      Beautiful tables, but that's it

      Let me say that these tables look beautiful and the animations are fluid. Actually, I leave 1 of these tables on when the ALP is not in use and stagnant, as the backboard and tables are beautiful as an "attract mode". However sometimes gameplay is lost to art and graphics. These games are just not that fun. The Exoplanets table is terrible, the Amazonia table gets annoying with the nonstop piranha front board, and Dinosaur Dynasty is slowed down repeatedly during gameplay by long unnecessary animations to return the ball to a different area on the playfield..The Last Ice Age table is the one table with fun and challenging gameplay, but it's not worth paying full price for 1 complete table.