Legends Ultimate Mini

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An expandable, compact, full-height home arcade with included pinball kit and huge selection of 150 genre-defining arcade and console games. A user-rotatable display allows you to play portrait-and landscape-orientation games and pinball tables in their original format. Connectivity makes adding games easy and enables online multiplayer gaming, leaderboards, and exclusive features and content.

  • Full Height One-Player Arcade featuring arcade-quality controls. Easy to assemble and set up.
  • 150 Games including SPACE INVADERS, TETRIS, BurgerTime, Aladdin, THE LION KING, TRON, and more!
  • User-Rotatable Display for authentic portrait and landscape gaming.
  • Pro-grade Pinball Buttons for digital pinball games.
  • ArcadeNet is the AtGames streaming service that gives access to 200+ arcade, console, and pinball games.
  • Connectivity Easy hook up to Wi-Fi or Ethernet to enjoy ArcadeNet, BYOG, online updates, multiplayer, lobby, friends list, voice chat, global leaderboards.
  • Immersive Arcade Experience with 18.5” HD LCD display and stereo speakers.
  • BYOG is AtGames cloud gaming service. Play your PC games library on Legends Ultimate Mini.
  • Over 40 Legends arcade devices, accessories, and game packs for value-add.
  • Game list
Model Number: HA8810
19.21 x 17.79 x 61.81 inches; 55 Pounds

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Awesome Multicade!

I love the AtGames Legends Ultimate Mini! I love the ability to be able to rotate the screen vertically or horizontally depending on the type of game I'm playing. Being able to add games to it via CoinOpsX makes it the ultimate gaming machine! The only thing I would add to it is an option for more types of controls (like a spinner and trackball).

Triggers those memories

I actually was in high school when the arcades started appearing in the strip plazas. This machine brings me back to that time and place. The only thing I will add is a riser (I'm tall), or buy a bar stool. Otherwise, the height is fine for my wife and any kids visiting.

Paul Cesarini
Decent, overall, but...

I was surprised to learn this only has a 30 day warranty, and that I would have to buy some sort additional membership or subscription to have a 1 year warranty. That really should be made apparent upfront, without hunting around for fine print. Also, while I appreciate the various licensed games, the online store to add more games is really lacking. Not sure it that's ultimately another licensing issue but I would think having the option to quickly download and install Galaga, Donkey Kong, Xevious, etc., would / should be a priority.

Ralph ONeal

Everything went excellent with ordering,Shipping! I have bought numerous AtGames products. My only disappointment is the pricing. Right after purchase,Sam's Club dropped prices. So I essentially payed double the price through AtGames website. Oh well,still love em!

Kevin Kevin Aguilar
Fun for the space you save.

I have had every 3/4 scale machine but this one is perfect except for two things. the shipping price and not including any pinball games. I was thinking about buying the Dr. Seuss pack one. The inner frame is weak but it is a solid build and no need to change buttons and stick this has a great setup. Easily plug in your acadebox, super console x, coin-ops, or raspberry pi in and watch it goes. The side art is only remarkable because of the space invaders and star wars.

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