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The AtGames Legends Gamer Pro includes a wireless two-player arcade controller with trackball and pinball kit, and separate streaming device with 150 built-in arcade and console games. Connectivity makes adding games easy and enables online multiplayer gaming, leaderboards, and exclusive features and content.

  • Tabletop, wireless two-player arcade controller with trackball and pinball kit, as well as separate streaming game console device.
  • 150 licensed arcade and console games built-in include Aladdin, Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja, Bubble Bobble, BurgerTime, Space Invaders, Super Star Wars, Tetris, and so much more!
  • Access to ArcadeNet, the AtGames streaming service that gives access to hundreds more arcade, console, and pinball games!
  • Connectivity - Easy hook up to your home Wi-Fi or Ethernet to enjoy ArcadeNet, free updates, multiplayer, lobby, friends list, voice chat, global leaderboards, and downloadable content.
  • Game list


    Model Number: HA2802
    29.53 x 10.03 x 6.31 inches; 13.2 Pounds

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Derek Beloney
    Nice unit

    I am enjoying using the unit. My only complaint is that I cannot use the local streaming feature. The BYOG website is not working. Other than that, this is a nice product.

    Dave Harris

    I paid for subscription a few days ago, but I have yet to login successfully. According to the folks on Reddit, this is normal, as your site is down regularly. When will I have access to what I paid for? The machine itself is nice but the website......not so much.

    Tony Partida
    Great device, with some limitations

    I received my gamer pro about a week before Christmas. It took about 5 days from date of order. That was great, and I really appreciated the quick shipping. When I opened the box, I read through the instructions, and made sure to plug in the gamer pro for at least 5 hours (overnight, really). After I connected the core to my TV, I powered it on, and pairing to the gamer pro was easy enough, with a few hiccups, just in making sure both controllers were connected. Otherwise, things went pretty smoothly. The included games were nice, but didn't include any of the games I really wanted to play (Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Galaga, etc.). I immediately looked into the subscription service, but was disappointed with the price. I can go to my local classic arcade for $20 anytime I want, and play the original games. Maybe $10 per month might have been more reasonable, but $20 is too much. Anyway, this conundrum sent me to researching CoinopsX and free game that can be played with that. About a week & 1/2 later, I have it working, and can finally play the arcade games I wanted to play. The only thing I might put some $$ towards is some of the pinball games, because it would be great to be able to play some of the pinball games I love, and use the pinball hardware included in the gamer pro. Overall, it's been a great experience, and I look forward to many hours playing with my gamer pro HD.

    Joshua Samuels
    Not so good.

    LB/L1 is broke. I don't even use that button and its already stuck. No little kids or drunk adults either just me and wife.Can that be replaced somehow?The 150 games included are ok but I only cared for burger time leadorboards. After trying on both I prefer burger time on my
    PC better. I'm not updating firmware bc your network is not user friendly and I can't guarantee any tables or games I purchase will work, and since sauce and coinops don't work I have no need. I'm only giving a 3 bc it was on sale for $136. Please can I have a replacement part for LB/L1 button thanks

    Harold Sykes
    What could be improved

    The gamer pro HD really needs spinner controls. Why would you not Include them. They are really needed for some games.

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