Data East Game Pack 1

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AtGames brings you the ultimate collection of action-packed Data East arcade and console games for play on any Legends Arcade Family device. In Data East Game Pack 1, find 27 all-time classics like Night Slashers, Side Pocket, The Cliffhanger, Captain Silver, Astro Fantasia, Act-Fancer Cybernetick Hyper Weapon, and so much more! 

This pack is universal and compatible to all Legends devices. Games included:

  • Act-Fancer Cybernetick Hyper Weapon
  • Astro Fantasia
  • Bloody Wolf / Battle Rangers
  • Captain Silver
  • Cluster Buster
  • Disco No.1
  • Dual Assault / Liberation
  • Dunk Dream 95 / Street Slam / Street Hoop
  • Edward Randy, The Cliffhanger
  • Genesis / Boomer Rang'r
  • Gondomania
  • Gun Ball / Nitro Ball
  • Kamikaze Cabbie / Yellow Cab
  • Lucky Poker
  • Night Slashers
  • Night Star
  • Psycho-Nics Oscar
  • Scrum Try
  • Shackled / Breywood
  • Side Pocket (Arcade)
  • Side Pocket (Console)
  • Super Pool III
  • Terranean
  • Trio The Punch - Never Forget Me…
  • Tryout
  • Tumble Pop
  • Zaviga


Note: Games will need to be downloaded to a FlashDriveX™-formatted USB drive (not included). If you choose to associate your purchase with your Legends ID account, you may install your digital pinball tables/games pack on up to six (6) connected devices. As an alternate option, you may choose to associate your purchase with a single compatible device, which will allow for offline usage, but does not allow for usage on any other device. 

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Customer Reviews

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No improvement in Data East emulation (even on Legends Core Max)

AtGames Data East emulation is as hit or miss as it has ever been. Nitroball, Night Slashers (the bloodless version), and Side Pocket were well emulated. But I got this package mainly for Gondomania and Oscar. Both suffer from slow music, even on the allegedly more powerful Legends Core Max. This is the same problem that has AtGames has always had with emulating Data East Games. I'm sure that Bad Dudes and Sly Spy on the other collections will have the same problem, as they always have with AtGame products. I'd recommend skipping the Data East collections until they get the emulation right, but I don't forsee that happening.