Legends Ultimate HD

225 reviews

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An expandable, full-size home arcade for the entire family to enjoy. An unprecedented selection of 300 genre-defining arcade and console games are built into this amazing platform. Connectivity makes adding games easy and enables online multiplayer gaming, leaderboards, and exclusive features and content.

  • Full Size Home Arcade Platform featuring premium trackball, high-precision spinners, and authentic arcade joysticks. Easy to assemble and set up.
  • 300 Games built-in including CENTIPEDE, SPACE INVADERS, BurgerTime, Aladdin, THE LION KING, TRON, and more!
  • ArcadeNet is the AtGames streaming service that provides access to over 200 arcade, console, and pinball games.
  • Connectivity Easy hook up to your home Wi-Fi or Ethernet to enjoy ArcadeNet, online updates, multiplayer, lobby, friends list, voice chat, global leaderboards, and downloadable content.
  • Immersive Arcade Experience with large 24” HD LCD display and stereo speakers.
  • Over 40 Legends arcade devices, accessories, and game packs available for value-add.
  • NEW 16GB system storage for enhanced performance. 7 pre-installed attract mode screensavers with 500MB video content.
  • NEW Legends Pinball Kit included.
  • Game list

**Images are for reference only and actual product appearance and specification may vary. 

Model Number: HA8802B
29.53 x 21.65 x 66.44 inches; 79.55 pounds

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Customer Reviews

Based on 225 reviews
David Choi
Question not a review

I noticed Galaga is not included -- Is it available otherwise (despite the rev 5.7 upgrade others have commented on)?

David Courtney
Really enjoying!

I can't say how pleased we are with the ATGames Legends Ultimate Arcade! My wife and I are having a blast playing all the old classics. I did have to buy a 5" Riser to raise it up a little as I was bending over a bit to play it but other than that...very pleased!

Willis Beyer
lots of fun

The Ultimate legends is a great arcade. There is a learning curve when it comes to navigating through the games and options of accessing more games. My machine is in the garage where there is limited wifi. It would be nice to have the option of buying more games and installing them without needing internet. But overall it was a great purchase.

Brian Fondale

Do not update 5.7 version if you want to play coin opps. I'm not happy with this update. I wish they would refund my money, that's the only reason I bought this arcade. If I could give it a 0 stars I would. DO NOT BUY THIS ARCADE! For this much money and what games are pre-loaded on it, not worth it.

Jason Landis
Sold their Souls with 5.7

At Games is a different company moving forward. They have created a firmware update that is hostile to third party software in order to sell more subscriptions. This was a classic bait and switch. You bought the machine as a BYOG multi-cade and At Games bricked it to turn you into reoccurring revenue for their limited licensed games. Their phony responses drafted by their legal department are just infuriating... They built a beautiful beach resort with your money that used to be accessible by a paved and well maintained road. Firmware version 5.7 demolishes the road, installs a moat, 20' tall razor wire capped fences, and a minefield... Good thing that recently built airport inside the wall still gets you access, but you will need to start booking flights through At Games air because it's not their fault that your Honda civic can't offroad through the minefield, the moat, and the razor wire capped fence. All their legalize is just trying to get out ahead of the class action lawsuit...

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