Renovation HD Game Pack 1 (Legends HD ONLY)

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Sale price$25.00
This pack is universal and compatible with all Legends HD devices.
Not compatible with Legends 4K™ devices.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Legends HD Universal Pack is compatible with Legends Ultimate HD, Legends Pinball HD, Legends Ultimate Mini HD, Legends Pinball Micro HD, Legends Gamer Pro HD, Legends Gamer Mini HD, Legends Core HD, Legends Core Max HD, Legends Core Plus HD, and Legends Connect HD. 

AtGames and Edia bring you top Renovation games for play on any Legends HD Arcade Family device. In Renovation Game Pack 1 you will receive 8 games total which are all listed below.

Games included:

  • Doomsday Warrior
  • Exile
  • Exile (TurboGrafx CD)
  • Sol-Deace
  • Super Valis IV
  • Syd of Valis
  • Traysia
  • Valis

Games might need to be downloaded to a FlashDriveX™-formatted USB drive (not included).

Explore these games further with the release notes HERE.


1. Some HD devices include built-in flash memory and don’t require a USB flash drive. Only those that require an external flash drive will need to follow the on-screen display menu to download the pinball/game pack to a FlashDriveX™-formatted USB drive (not included). If your USB flash drive is larger than 32GB, you can partition it from your PC. The first partition, for use with FlashDriveX, should be at least 16GB and recommended not to exceed 32GB. (For how to format a USB Drive and download the pack, please see here.) 

2. If you choose to associate your purchase with your Legends ID account, you may install your digital HD pinball tables/games pack on up to six (6) connected HD devices. As an alternate option, you may choose to associate your purchase with a single compatible HD device, which will allow for offline usage, but does not allow for usage on any other HD device.

3. All features, updates, and HD game packs have been designed and tested to work with the latest firmware (5.68 or newer) of your HD device. AtGames cannot guarantee compatibility with previous firmware versions. It is always recommended that users be on the latest firmware to ensure a smooth gaming experience. For more information, please refer to the release notes section HERE.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Need More Game Packs Like This!

    Good collection of obscure (to me) retro games. I love the fact that I'd never played these games before. Decades later, these games are finding a new audience. I think that's pretty cool.

    Hi Lonn, Thank you for your positive feedback on our Renovation HD Game Pack 1! We're glad to hear that you enjoyed the collection of retro games and appreciate the fact that we are introducing these games to a new audience. We will definitely consider your suggestion for more game packs like this in the future. Happy gaming!

    dean h
    bad selection of bloatware games

    terrible selection of games , never heard of them , swerved

    Hey Dean, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We apologize that the selection of games in our Renovation HD Game Pack 1 did not meet your expectations. We are constantly working to improve our offerings and appreciate your input. If you have any specific suggestions for games you would like to see in our pack, please let us know. Thank you for your support.

    Still Waiting

    Since it appears my original review posted 3/17 was removed (mistakenly I'm sure), here it is again:

    Pre-ordered this Feb 2023 and still waiting for product. Numerous delays without any communication. Unacceptable. Are you going to offer a credit to those who pre-orderd these like you did for the pending 4K Gottlieb release?

    Hi Erik, Hope all is well.

    We did reach out to you privately and requested for you to open a support ticket concerning your orde. We would love a chance to look into this for you and get your order to you. You can open a support ticket to reach out to us using the link below.

    Have a great day!!

    Mikael Granlund

    No information of delay, far from ok customer care ☹️

    Hey Mikael, I hope this message finds you well. We have searched for a ticket with your information, but unfortunately, we were unable to locate one. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have not received any updates on your order, please do not hesitate to contact our support team by submitting a support ticket. They will be more than happy to assist you and provide you with the latest information. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Best regards,

    vernon loyed
    1 Year Preorder is overly, amazingly, Excessive

    I pre-ordered this game pack in Feb. 2023. It's now about to be March 2024. I already have these games via CoinopsX, I was just trying to support the company. These 2 game packs should've been ready in short order, they aren't remasters. A year waiting on a pre-order that should've taken a day or 2 to prepare. Shame on you for crowd-funding your other endeavors with this sort of trickery.

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