Legends GamePad™

Legends GamePad™

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Take your handheld game control to the next level with the wireless Legends GamePad™.

This high-performance wireless gamepad, available by itself or packed in with select Legends Core™ or other Legends Arcade Family™ bundles, is the perfect handheld controller for arcade-, console-, PC-, and virtual pinball-based gaming on the Legends Arcade Platform™.

Thanks to its ergonomic design and full complement of controls, including dual analog sticks, dual bumpers and triggers, precision d-pad, and standard A – X button layout, the Legends GamePad™ is the ideal companion for any Legends Arcade Family™ product. Use it as a primary or secondary controller, or enable three- and four-player gameplay options in select games. The choice is yours!

High-performance Bluetooth provides fast wireless responsiveness or connect over USB for a wired solution. A built-in rechargeable battery keeps the action – and fun – going for hours. With an MSRP of just $34.99, you can add this inexpensive handheld game controller to all of your Legends Arcade Family™ products, including the Legends Core™, Legends Gamer™ series, Legends Ultimate™, Legends Connect™, or Legends Pinball™. It even makes a great companion for your PC or other computing device that makes use of standard Bluetooth- or USB-based controllers.

The Legends GamePad™ is fully compatible with all Legends Arcade Platform features including ArcadeNet®, BYOG™, and APL™. ArcadeNet® provides instant access to a growing library of games, online play, and high score global leaderboards. BYOG™, or Bring Your Own Game™, lets you play your own games, including digital PC games, directly on your arcade. APL™, or Arcade Play Link™, lets you connect a variety of HDMI-, Bluetooth-, and USB-based devices and consoles for access to even more content. The Legends Arcade Platform™ is the ultimate way to play!


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