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AtGames brings you the ultimate collection of legendary Activision console games for play on any Legends HD Arcade Family device. In Activision Game Pack 1, find 40 all-time classics like Pitfall!, River Raid, Pitfall II: Lost Caverns, River Raid II, Keystone Kapers, H.E.R.O., Demon Attack, and so much more! 

This Legends HD Universal Pack is compatible with Legends Ultimate, Legends Pinball, Legends Ultimate Mini, Legends Pinball Micro, Gamer Pro, Gamer Mini, Legends Core, Core Max, Core Plus, and Legends Connect. 

Games included: 

  • Barnstorming™
  • Boxing
  • Bridge
  • Checkers
  • Chopper Command™
  • Cosmic Commuter™
  • Crackpots™
  • Decathlon
  • Demon Attack™
  • Dolphin™
  • DragonFire (2600)
  • Dragster
  • Enduro™
  • Fishing Derby™
  • Freeway™
  • Frostbite™
  • Grand Prix™
  • H.E.R.O.™
  • Ice Hockey
  • Kaboom!™
  • Keystone Kapers™
  • Laser Blast™
  • Megamania™
  • Moonsweeper™
  • Oink!™
  • Pitfall II: Lost Caverns
  • Pitfall!™
  • Plaque Attack™
  • Pressure Cooker™
  • Private Eye™
  • River Raid™
  • River Raid™ II
  • Robot Tank™
  • Seaquest™
  • Skiing
  • Sky Jinks™
  • Spider Fighter™
  • Stampede™
  • Starmaster
  • Tennis 


1. Some HD devices include built-in flash memory and don’t require a USB flash drive. Only those that require an external flash drive will need to follow the on-screen display menu to download the pinball/game pack to a FlashDriveX™-formatted USB drive (not included). If your USB flash drive is larger than 32GB, you can partition it from your PC. The first partition, for use with FlashDriveX, should be at least 16GB and recommended not to exceed 32GB. (For how to format a USB Drive and download the pack, please see here.) 

2. If you choose to associate your purchase with your Legends ID account, you may install your digital HD pinball tables/games pack on up to six (6) connected HD devices. As an alternate option, you may choose to associate your purchase with a single compatible HD device, which will allow for offline usage, but does not allow for usage on any other HD device.

3. All features, updates, and HD game packs have been designed and tested to work with the latest firmware (5.68 or newer) of your HD device. AtGames cannot guarantee compatibility with previous firmware versions. It is always recommended that users be on the latest firmware to ensure a smooth gaming experience. For more information, please refer to the release notes section HERE.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Glen Shafer
Great games and emulation

Sure the ALU has 80 Atari 2600 games built in. How many of those are any good? How many will one play today other than for a short trip down memory lane? That's where this pack comes in. So many of these games are great and are superior to the vast majority of 2600 games in both graphics and gameplay. There are 5 or 6 Imagic titles included as well. My only complaint is that Atlantis isnt here.

Hi Glen,

You are absolutely right the Activision Pack is definitely a stunning pack when it comes to both graphics and gameplay. So happy to hear that you are enjoying it. Please be sure to drop your suggestions for Atlantis and any others that you may have here:

Thank you again for your support!

Have a great day!

Demetrios dos Santos Ferreira
Great Collection

High quality games that remind us of the golden age of the Atari 2600.

Jon W
Love it!

So many of these games I've not played in many many years. Love Kaboom! I have the original cart in a box somewhere, but so much more convenient to now play on my ALU. Happy to see this, Pitfall and so many other classic games available. Thanks AtGames!!

Travis Souders
What a blast!

Got the pack and was taken down memory lane. Great selection of games. Pitfall and Kaboom have been a huge hit. Hopefully we see more in the future!!

All that's missing are the patches!

Now this is what I want! Everything looks, sounds, and plays great and has quality emulation.
These games are as great as I remember. This is the one game collection AtGames has released so far that is worth buying!

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