Gottlieb Pinball Pack 1

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Please make sure to update your firmware to V5.49 or higher and go to My Digital Locker in Settings to redeem your code. Please see tutorial here.

AtGames and FarSight Studios bring you 5 classic Gottlieb arcade pinball tables with up to 1080p and 60fps performance! Music, science fiction, sports, and fantasy themes bring this delightful collection to life.

This pack is universal and compatible to all Legends devices. Tables included:

  • Al's Garage Band Goes on a World Tour™
  • Big Shot™
  • Black Hole™
  • Bone Busters Inc.™
  • Centigrade 37™


1. Gottlieb Pinball Packs are for Legends Ultimate Arcade, Legends Ultimate Mini, Legends Gamer Pro, Legends Gamer Mini, Legends Core, Legends Core Plus, and Legends Core Max. 

2 All features, updates, and game packs have been designed and tested to work with the latest firmware (5.68 or newer) of your device. AtGames cannot guarantee compatibility with previous firmware versions. It is always recommended that users be on the latest firmware to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

3. Tables will need to be downloaded to a FlashDriveX™-formatted USB drive (not included). If you choose to associate your purchase with your Legends ID account, you may install your digital pinball tables/game packs on up to six (6) connected devices. As an alternate option, you may choose to associate your purchase with a single compatible device, which will allow for offline usage, but does not allow for usage on any other device.

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