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If you want to enhance your pinball experience with realistic sound effects, you might want to consider the Legends 4K SSF Kit for your Legends 4K Pinball machines. This optional accessory supports the Legends 4K Pinball surround sound feedback feature, which simulates the physical feedback of a real pinball machine. Any sounds coming from the playfield will come from the location of the sound, providing a more realistic experience. Additionally, the system will provide feedback which allows the user to feel the vibrations of the sounds.

The Legends 4K SSF Kit includes four sound exciters and a subwoofer that can be mounted inside the Legends 4K Pinball cabinet. The speakers are connected to the Legends CE-4K software platform, which allows you to adjust the SSF settings to your liking. With the surround sound kit, you can enjoy immersive audio that matches the stunning visuals of the 4K playfield display.


  • This product was not designed for the average user. Instead, it was created for a more technical DIY (Do It Yourself) user. The expectation is that the user of this product is experienced in modding and is prepared for and aware of the risks in the handling of sensitive electronic components.
  • AtGames provides standard 90 days warranty coverage for this product. If you install a Legends 4K SSF Kit on the Legends 4K Pinball machine, it does not void the warranty to the one year standard warranty of the pinball machine. However, accidents and damage caused by the owner during the time of installation are not covered under the warranty for either the SSF Kit or the machine. (https://www.atgames.net/arcades/warranty/).
  • For technical questions or other operational issues, please utilize The Official AtGames Pinball Fan Page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/166745557972535). 
  • Instruction manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Pete Man
Terrible quality assurance and customer service

I've tired being patient with Atgames because I like supporting small companies, but they make it very hard to be brand loyal. There has been many issues but I'll stick to just the SSF for this review... I purchased a SSF kit from them when it arrive there wasn't a real set of instructions. The good thing is there are plenty of youtubes that have made some awsome install videos. Almost at the end of the install I found that a required cable wasn't included. I contacted customer service and asked them to expidite a cable shipment since my machine is all taken apart until i receive the cable. Four days later I received an email telling me "good news" my missing cable would be mailed to me from their warehouse. The bad news is their warehouse is in China and it was mailed via ground. It's been two weeks and my machine is still in pieces.

Brock Slagle
SSF makes it feel like traditional pinball!

If you are on the fence...it's the best upgrade you can make to your 4k machine!

Hey Brock, Thank you for your positive review of our Legends 4K SSF Kit! We are delighted to hear that our product has enhanced your pinball experience and that you consider it the best upgrade for your 4k machine. We appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy playing with our SSF technology. Happy gaming!

Ben M

Amazing how much better the sound and the feel of the game is with the SSF kit. Installation was easy. Most of the tables are great with it. Not so good on the Peanuts table and may have made lag worse.

Hi Ben! Thank you for leaving a review for our Legends 4K SSF Kit! We're so glad to hear that you're enjoying the improved sound and overall gaming experience with our kit. We apologize for any issues you may have encountered with the Peanuts table and we'll definitely take note of your feedback. Thank you for choosing our product and happy gaming!

tiffany mcveigh

Good condition, quick delivery

Thank you for your positive review of our Legends 4K SSF Kit! We're glad to hear that you received your order quickly and in good condition. If you ever need any assistance with the product, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Enjoy your SSF Kit!

SSF kit is the closest thing to a REAL Pinball experience !

This SSF kit makes a HUGE difference, taking the virtual pinball experience to the ultimate level. I own a real pinball machine and playing zacarria tables feels so real. installing the SSF kit was fairly easy with 2 people and watching the SSF kit install Youtube video. I recommend buying with Paypal has 6 months interest-free payments. Anyone who says SSF kit is bad hasn't installed it properly or has not played with zac table packs.

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