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A. $1,499.99 with FX Legends 4K Attack From Mars™ Collector’s Edition (CEP)
B. $1,999.98 with optional Surround Sound Feedback Kit Preinstalled

What's in the Box:
Light Up the Room: An exclusive topper that lights up, adding a magical touch to your gaming experience.

Signature Touches: Each machine comes with a unique builder’s plate and custom-designed speaker grilles, making your pinball machine stand out.

Free PinballNet™ Subscription: Enjoy two months of PinballNet™ on us, a $30 value, giving you access to a world of pinball fun.

Peace of Mind with LegendsCare™: We've got you covered with a one-year LegendsCare™ Warranty, a $100 value, ensuring your pinball experience is worry-free.

Please Note:
One unit per Family: To ensure everyone gets a chance to enjoy, we're limiting purchases to one per household.

Shipping Info: We're currently shipping to the lower 48 states in the US. Shipping and handling fees are $100.00.
Selected Configuration: $1,499.99 with FX Legends 4K Attack From Mars™ Collector’s Edition (CEP)

Get Ready for Fun! 

Available: April 2024 

Introducing the AtGames FX Legends 4K Attack From Mars™ Collector's Edition Pinball (CEP)™. This cutting-edge pinball machine offers an immersive arcade gaming experience that combines the thrill of a Martian invasion with the clarity of 4K resolution. In this game, players are tasked with a heroic mission: to fend off an alien invasion originating from Mars. Your objective is to defend Earth's major cities, obliterate the invading fleet, and ultimately conquer Mars itself. The game boasts vivid, high-definition visuals and a design that perfectly encapsulates the excitement and urgency of this intergalactic battle. Engaging gameplay challenges players to navigate through intense scenarios, making strategic decisions to save the planet. Ideal for both science fiction aficionados and pinball enthusiasts, the AtGames FX Legends 4K Attack From Mars™ Collector's Edition Pinball (CEP)™ promises an action-packed adventure, offering a blend of nostalgic arcade gaming and modern technological brilliance.

Shipping Info: We're currently shipping to the lower 48 states in the US. Shipping and handling fees are $100.00.


Product Features:

Premium processing power and onboard storage. Boasting expanded processing power and additional onboard storage with the Rockchip 3588 CPU & 64GB storage, this machine ensures swift, smooth game performance that keeps up with every move.

Playfield display (32” 4K resolution). Experience the vibrant world of pinball on an upgraded 32" 4K LCD display for a visually stunning gaming experience.

Integrated backglass (23.8" HD) &  DMD (8" HD) dual display. The second and third displays support the 4K playfield for premium integral pinball gameplay. The machine is also equipped with an internal low-latency video switchboard allowing PC OTG access via the three HDMI input ports.

Immersive 3.5” audio speakers. Sound is an integral part of the gaming experience. The pair of 3.5" speakers provide rich and vibrant sound.

Exclusive Accessories. Themed light up topper, builder’s plate, and custom speaker grilles.

Optional Accessories. To elevate your gaming experience further, additional accessories like the Arcade Control Panel and Surround Sound Feedback (SSF) Kit can be purchased separately.


Embedded Services Included:

  • Legends 4K PinballNet™-Prepaid 2 month subscription to access over 140 Legends 4K Tables ($30 value).
  • AppStoreX™- In addition to AtGames E-Store, purchase Legends 4K Pinball Packs of Hundreds of Tables Directly on Your Machine.
  • LegendsCare™ - one (1) year standard warranty ($100 value). (Note: the LegendsCare™ warranty period is not stackable with LPO warranty period. See full info about LegendsCare.)


    Included Tables:

    • Attack From Mars™ 
    • Amazonia
    • Battle Deluxe
    • Cine Star Deluxe
    • Dinosaur Dynasty
    • Exoplanets
    • Farfalla Deluxe
    • House of Diamonds Deluxe
    • Pool Champion Deluxe
    • Red Show Deluxe
    • Robot Deluxe
    • Spooky Deluxe
    • Strike Deluxe
    • The Last Ice Age
    • Universe Deluxe 


    Images are for reference only and actual product appearance and specifications may vary.  Created and distributed under license from Williams Electronics Games Inc. © 2018-2024 Williams Electronics Games Inc. All rights reserved. Game Code © 2018-2024 Zen Studios Ltd. All rights reserved.

    Model Number: HA9952 (Standard Version) Model Number: HA9952D(Legends SSF Kit™ Preinstalled)
    43" (L) x 23" (W) x 66" (H) inches; the height of the playfield from ground: 35". Weight: 129.2 lbs.
    Copy of Add a title (1920 x 1080 px) (11).png__PID:72d23243-6cda-42e7-a255-081bcfe7f1db

    Machine Specifications


    Premium Processor

    Rockchip 3588 CPU 

    On-Board Storage


    Playfield Display

    32" 4K Resolution

    Backglass Display

    23.8" HD Resolution

    DMD Display

    8" HD Resolution


    3.5" Audio Speakers

    Arcade Control Panel Compatible


    Surround Sound Feedback (SSF)
    Kit Compatible


    Software Platform

    Legends CE-4K

    Dimensions (W x L x H)

    22.9" W x 44.3" L  x  66.2" H 


    129.2 lbs

    Software Platform

    Legends CE-4K


    FX Legends 4K Pinball Device Requirements:

    The FX Legends 4K Pinball, with the newly developed CE-4K operating system, will require regular internet connectivity to operate properly. At the core of the CE-4K design, the system focus is on an open and connected platform. Following the industry standards, CE-4K will require periodic mandatory updates to ensure the system is up and running at the optimal capacity while introducing new features, games, and experiences.

    Day 1 required update:
    Please note that as soon as your new FX Legends 4K Pinball machine is connected to the internet, a mandatory update will be applied to the machine. You will be guided through the process to update the latest functionality and games. Without this update, the machine will not have all the games installed and will not have the features supported by online connectivity.
    Note: For emphasis, if you purchase this unit but do not connect it to the internet via wifi or a network cable, it will not work properly and you will be missing significant features, games, and updates.

    Images are for reference only and actual product appearance and specifications may vary.


    Embedded Services Included

    • Legends 4K PinballNet™. Prepaid 2 months subscription to access over     
       140 Legends 4K Tables ($30 value).
    • AppStoreX™. In addition to AtGames E-Store, purchase Legends 4K
       Pinball Packs of Hundreds of Tables Directly on Your Machine.
    • LegendsCare™ one (1) year standard warranty ($100 value). (Note: the
       LegendsCare™ warranty period is not stackable with LPO warranty
       period. See full info about LegendsCare™.)

    Attack From Mars™
    Table Features:

    ATTACK FROM MARS: Blast those Martians! It's Big-O-Beams, flying saucers, and more in this ode to 1950s sci-fi.
    Table Features:
    - Blast the Martian ship on the middle of the table
    - Arm your jets for Multiball
    - Survive the Martian Attack by shooting their targets
    - Reach the Wizard Mode and Rule the Universe


    Something is attacking the Earth!

    Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 4.44.45 PM.png__PID:b6e0c271-91c7-49db-b726-f3db9905b8cf

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Flipper lag

    Would be 5 stars if there was such bad flipper lag on the attack from Mars game THE MAIN CABINET GAME!!! please update this I got an update today and slightly helped but still almost unplayable to get any real good scores... all other tables are fast and react perfectly.

    Hi there, thank you for your feedback on the Legends 4K Attack From Mars. We apologize for the flipper lag on the main cabinet game and understand the frustration it may cause. Our team is constantly working on updates to improve gameplay and we will make sure to take your comment into consideration. Thank you for your support and we hope you continue to enjoy the other fast and reactive tables. Have a great day!

    Atman Walters
    Attack from Mars is amazing!!!

    The Attack from Mars is Amazing, from the build quality, to the artwork on the cabinet, to the play of the game Itself. The 4k screen makes a huge difference. I love it. Those who are worried about delivery issues, don’t worry. The packaging is very good. It was delivered without a single defect.

    Hey Atman!!

    Thank you so much for your kind review! We are thrilled to hear that you are enjoying the Legends 4K Attack From Mars. We take great pride in the build quality and artwork of our products, and we are glad to hear that it has met your expectations. We also appreciate your reassurance for other customers regarding delivery. Thank you for choosing our product!

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