Star Trek™ Pinball Legends Mini Pack (Legends 4K™ ONLY)

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Not Compatible with Legends HD Devices

IMPORTANT NOTES READ BEFORE YOU PURCHASE: This Legends 4K™ Pinball Pack is compatible with the Legends Pinball 4K™ Family of products [Legends Pinball 4KP Standard Edition and FX Legends 4K™ Collector's Edition (CEP)]. The included table is already built-in on the FX Legends 4K™ Star Trek™ Collector's Edition Pinball (CEP). The pack can be used for other Legends 4K™ Pinball Machines in the future release.

Explore this table further with the release notes HERE, including Known Issues.

Boldly go where no one has gone before in Star Trek™ Pinball! Based on the fan favorite movies and TV series of the franchise ranging from classics to the present day, and live long and prosper on the leaderboards!

Table Features:

Star Trek™ Pinball Deep Space Nine: Travel to the edges of the final frontier and arrive at the space station Deep Space 9! Use your pinball skills to lead the crew and Captain Benjamin Sisko in ending the Dominion War.

Star Trek™ Pinball Discovery: Michael Burnham and the shipmates of the U.S.S. Discovery rely on your pinball prowess, as you play through iconic moments from the first four seasons of the series. Make contact with the residents of 10-C and utilize the time loop for victory!

Star Trek™ Pinball The Kelvin Timeline: Experience the vision of the newest trilogy of Star Trek blockbuster movies in this epic table. Join Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise on their mission to discover new civilizations, form alliances and neutralize threats to the Federation.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Danny Hauger
Makes me want to watch Star Trek, 3 really fun games

I've never seen single ST episode, but the Kelvin Timeline makes me think I should check it out. The verbally guided missions make me feel like I am right in the middle of the action. Discovery's AI narrative makes me want to try and complete all the missions. and Deep Space 9 has some really interesting options from launch and onward to maintain relationships that makes me feel like I'm in a role playing game. Each table is unique and offers a lot of enjoyment. The sound FX are rich and inviting, and I want to spend hours more playing each table, so it's a really good value for replayability. I imagine my Star Trek fan friends will love coming to play these with me as well.

Greg S.
An honest review of these bad tables.

The Star Trek tables had potential but did not reach it.
(I'm slightly disappointed by the number of positive reviews here because they can't be legitimate. Compared to almost every other table on the 4K systems from every manufacturer, these tables are poor. Even the Kelvin timeline, which is the best, isn't that great.)

The Kelvin timeline is the best of the 3, and it still seems to be missing something.

The other 2 tables fall flat. It definitely feels like there might have been a rush to get them out and that they all lack depth and nuance, which is really unfortunate. I've enjoyed both television series, and there's a lot of depth that could have been put into these games. Specifically, Deep Space 9 feels like it could have had layers upon layers of side missions.

I had secretly hoped that at least 1 of these Star Trek tables would have had a flip to the evil side mode where suddenly everyone had mustaches and beards and wanted to take over the universe. Specifically, Discovery had almost a whole season on that topic, so that should have been here somewhere.

I have hope. Zen Studios and AtGames have been wildly transparent about the flipper lag issue and about owning other problems they've had at the start of this amazing collaboration. I would like to see Zen Studios own the fact that these tables blow and continue developing them. This sad release does not have to be the end for these tables! That is the magic of digital pinball. These tables could receive a retrofit of storyline, playability and quality improvements and potentially become great tables.
I hope they do. For now, these tables will be gathering dust in my digital closet.

That Guy Aaron
Great! Not a STRK FAN

I'm not a Star Trek fan at all. These tables are fun. The SSF works well with all 3 of the tables and adds to the immersion. As with all Zen titles so far, there is lag. It's not only flipper lag as the generate slows down intermittently. Overall, I can honestly say that I'm having a great time with these tables. I just hope the issues are addressed ASAP.

ZEN Flipper Lag

Atgames!! & ZEN Studios!! Shame on you! For not addressing the flipper lag on the Legends ALP 4K tables. Nothing but you telling us that your aware of the problem, and are working on the flipper lag problem. Are you kidding me??

I refuse to spend any more money on a game pak from you and ZEN studios. Shame on you for taking our hard earned money on promises to correct the problem when nothing but time is growing more and more with no updates to correct. You need to be held accountable.

Jacob Mondragon
Lag lag lag

Why in the world are ALL THE ZEN TABLES LAGGY? It’s beyond disappointing. Why would they even release them like this? Aren’t they play tested before going public for sale? It’s not just these Star Trek tables, it’s literally every single Zen table. Unplayable due to lag and we have been hearing months now that they are “aware and working on it”. I won’t buy another Zen table until I see it’s fixed and the community verifys it.

Hi Jacob,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We apologize for any frustration caused by the lag on our Zen tables. We are actively working on resolving this issue and appreciate your patience. Rest assured, we are dedicated to providing the best experience for our players. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Best regards,
Customer Service Team

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