Video Input Backglass Switchboard for Legends Pinball Micro

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The AtGames Video Input Backglass Switchboard for Legends Pinball Micro is the ultimate digital pinball accessory. (Note: Not applicable to Legends Pinball nor Legends 4K pinball machines.)

Through the AtGames Open and Connected Pinball (OCP) initiative, you can connect your pinball engine-enabled external PC to the Legends Pinball Micro, utilizing its large, dual-screen display and arcade controls for the ultimate in pinball, arcade, and console gaming. The Video Input Backglass Switch, or VIBS, is used to connect the PC to the Legends Pinball’s Micro backglass display.

  • Instruction Manual
  • Display custom backglass art and other content from your connected PC on your Legends Pinball Micro. It's the perfect way to take your pinball, arcade, and console gaming to the next level!
  • Connects to your external PC via HDMI.
  • Connect to Legends Pinball Micro with supplied cables.
  • Shows backglass art from your PC pinball video games, as well as other content.
  • *Note: Minor cosmetic and technical changes are made over time, including slight differences in artwork. All features, functionality, and other product specifications indicated are subject to change without notice. 
  • Note: This product was not designed for the average user. Instead, it was created for a more technical DIY (Do It Yourself) user. The expectation is that the user of this product is experienced in modding and is prepared for and aware of the risks in the handling of sensitive electronic components. Additionally, some users have reported problems with using AMD Radeon graphics cards when connected to this product. Some potential workarounds have been posted on Wagner's Tech Talk at this link: Finally, AtGames can only provide warranty coverage for this product ( For technical questions or other operational issues, please utilize The Official AtGames Pinball Fan Page on Facebook (
3.9 x 2.8 x 0.8 inches; 1.12 Ounces

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Charles Meyers
Easy install

No fault of vibs board but I have not got it working with pinball fx3 yet.
I need major help.

OTG a hit with the Micro

The VIBS is a sweet addition for Micro buyers. I've had a blast working the little table-top into a fantastically fun, Pinball show piece.

I see considerable bashing over VIBS ribbon cables and delicate connectors. These clearly are an industry standard and not a cost saver. I'd recommend AtGames adds even more direction in their install documents. The cable connector release is angled where it Ttlts Back to release. Instructions state 'lift' the release where installers pull them upward breaking the retainers. Rock it back gently, then click it back in place when the cable is seated. In other words, don't be a ham-handed, gorilla! Great job Legends!

A good idea, but needs improvement

While the VIBS board is fine if you want to add FX3 ability, what some of us ALP Micro owners are actually looking for is a VIBS board which would allow monitor passthrough to allow a larger monitor for the backglass. So a user can either mount a larger monitor on top of the ALP Micro and use that for a better score view, or better yet a larger monitor as an option for the backglass.

There is more than enough room for a larger monitor for the ALP Micro and I kind of feel like this was a blatant omission. At least give us the option to use a larger backglass monitor, the one installed is about the size of a portable HDMI television.

Ken Dorsey

Video Input Backglass Switchboard for Legends Pinball Micro

Steve Eucker
Easy setup, works as intended.

Quick delivery on the VIBS board. Easy setup. Works just fine as intended. Pressing the button to switch to the computer monitor is no problem. Only question now is if it's going to last. Being it's tucked away and secure, should be ok. Now we need a control panel for the Legends Pinball MICRO!

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