Williams™ Pinball: Attack from Mars™ (Legends 4K™ ONLY)

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Not compatible with Legends HD devices.

IMPORTANT NOTES READ BEFORE YOU PURCHASE: This Legends 4K™ Pinball Pack is compatible with the Legends Pinball 4K™ Family of products [Legends Pinball 4KP Standard Edition and FX Legends 4K™ Collector's Edition (CEP)].  The included table is already built-in on the FX Legends 4K™ Attack From Mars Collector's Edition Pinball (CEP). The pack can be used for other Legends 4K™ Pinball Machines in the future release.

Explore this table further with the release notes HERE, including Known Issues.

    Blast those Martians! It's Big-O-Beams, flying saucers, and more in this ode to 1950s sci-fi.

    Table features:

    - Battle the aliens around the world and blast the saucers out of the sky
    - Watch out for Martian technology like the big-o-beam
    - Lock 3 balls in the sinkhole and fire your rockets at those Martians
    - It's a Martian attack! Shoot the targets to and they'll stop dancing around
    - Reach the Wizard Mode and Rule the Universe!

    Created and distributed under license from Williams Electronics Games Inc. © 2018-2024 Williams Electronics Games Inc. All rights reserved.

    Game Code © 2018-2024 Zen Studios Ltd. All rights reserved.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Danny Hauger
    Most fun I've had over the weekend was this table

    For years I wondered why this game releases on every pinball setup... and this AtGames 4KP brought it to life for me. It's so much fun, activities and bonuses progres son nearly every flipper strike. There is so much action, visually, verbally, and everything is also understandable. I like the DMD cartoons, it's just a blast. Posted 5 billion points and really enjoyed it this weekend. Easy 5 star rating!

    Great title BUT....

    Love the game and Zen graphics BUT:
    Plunger lag is too much! First it was flipper lag and if that wasn't bad enough add to it the plunger!!!
    I've also noticed the speaker bass is ridiculously loud, and almost sounds like a busted speaker. Really annoying. I've turned the volume way way down and it's still an issue. I believe it is the speaker located near the flipper buttons to mimic haptic feed back.
    And lastly the screen size as mentioned by others.

    Almost Perfect

    Outstanding! Minimal flipper lag but well worth the $5. My fav table so far….thank you At Games

    Wesley Hooper
    Not Terrible

    This table is fun and exciting and runs fairly well with the exception of the flipper lag. Reducing the flipper lag would give this 4 stars. Reducing flipper lag and giving options to set the back glass to fullscreen would make this a 5 star product.

    That Guy Aaron
    Very Fun!

    I'm enjoying this one. It looks good and is playable. My complaints are that the back glass and DMD are not full screen. There is flipper lag. Zen better not try decreasing the resolution even further to fix the lag like that did with Star Trek. This is not the solution to the problem.

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