Williams™ Pinball Star Trek™: The Next Generation (Legends 4K™ ONLY)

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Not Compatible with Legends HD Devices

IMPORTANT NOTES READ BEFORE YOU PURCHASE: This Legends 4K™ Pinball Pack is compatible with the Legends Pinball 4K™ Family of products [Legends Pinball 4KP Standard Edition and FX Legends 4K™ Collector's Edition (CEP)]. The pack can be used for other Legends 4K™ Pinball Machines in the future release.

Explore this table further with the release notes HERE, including Known Issues.

    Experience an out-of-this-galaxy pinball adventure on the Star Trek™: The Next Generation Williams™ Pinball Machine! Join Captain Picard on the U.S.S. Enterprise-D and fight against Romulans, Cardassians, and the Borg!

    Table Features:

    • Warp through eight U.S.S. Enterprise-D Missions
    • Enjoy the original music and voiceovers by eight cast members
    • Fire Photon Torpedoes to defend the starship
    • Get ahead of the competition with the Warp Speed ball delivery sequence
    • Survive the Shuttle Simulation in the Holodeck
    • Reach Warp Factor 9.9 for unique rewards
    • Find secret modes hidden from the galaxy. Become an honorary Starfleet officer today!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Ryan Martin
    Mid All Around

    I'm going to be fair and not review bomb this table like a lot of people have done. It is better than a one or two star, but not a three. For the cost of this table it is way to mediocre. I'm still having some fun with this table but it does have some glaring issues. The biggest being the resolution and the sound. It doesn't look nearly as good as Addams Family or AFM, and something weird is with the sound. It is incredibly quiet and muffled at times, but hey, flipper lag is getting better. In its current state it's a $5 table. Let's not take one step forward and two back Zen.

    This is a really enjoyable game.

    I really like this Star Trek TNG pinball game. And it plays fine for me on my AtGames 4K pinball machine. The flipper lag is not a problem for me. I would like to see more control/accuracy with the ball plunger, but that is not a critical factor. I have this game on Steam and Pinball FX and it plays pretty closely to those versions, but the 4K SSF really helps the audio with this 4K version. It would be nicer to have the later color DMD, and to have the back screen image fill the full screen width. I've only had this 4K version of the game for a couple days, but it is addictive, and worth the $15 price to me.

    The worst of the Zen titles SO FAR, A Rough Voyage for a Beloved Franchise

    Let's get the good out of the way: It's Star Trek: TNG, and the original table is an undeniable classic. Replicating that experience in the digital realm should be a slam dunk. Unfortunately, this version falls disappointingly short.

    Flipper Lag: The most glaring issue is the significant flipper lag. Precise shots are crucial on this table, and the lag makes it frustratingly difficult to hit them consistently. Whether you're aiming for the spinner or lock orbits, late shots are a constant threat, often resulting in unfair drains. The flipper lag turns what should be satisfying skill shots into a frustrating guessing game.

    Visual Disappointment: The table's visuals are surprisingly underwhelming. The wireforms look rusted, poorly textured, and overall lackluster. The table itself appears flat and lifeless, lacking the depth and detail expected from a modern digital recreation. For a table that should be a visual feast, the graphics fall disappointingly short of the 4K mark. This looks clearly worse than any of the other tables already released on the 4kp.

    While the core Star Trek: TNG experience is present, the execution leaves much to be desired. The significant flipper lag, disappointing visuals, and unforgiving gameplay make this digital adaptation a frustrating experience. It's a shame to see a beloved classic table marred by such technical and aesthetic shortcomings.

    I'd strongly recommend exploring other options. At 3x the cost of Attack from Mars, and having such unforgiving gameplay when there's lag, there's simply no reason to buy this until it's $5 or the lag is fixed.

    This digital release feels like a missed opportunity. With some much-needed improvements to the flipper lag and visuals, it could be a worthy tribute to the original. Until then, it's a voyage best avoided.

    Shaka, when the walls fell…

    Sigh… I was so pumped for this. I own all the Zen tables for console (Pinball FX), they are fantastic, but these 4k tables need a lot of work. Flipper lag has been improved but not quite there and makes play feel a bit slow (Magic Pixel tables have zero lag, so this is doable). As others have stated, the resolution looks a little funky; the overall table to me looks a little, warped? Smushed? Just looks a little off. On Xbox I am able to view from multiple angles so hopefully they can get this right. Lighting… needs a lot of attention... Everything feels bright and frankly, a bit unrealistic. Some shadows etc would make a huge difference. How about a daytime/nighttime option like Zaccaria? What an awesome feature. Everything looks overly clean too, some wear and tear would work wonders. Also a big issue for me is the lack of the SSF kit being utilized… Again go play one of the Zaccaria remake tables and compare, Magic Pixel are not messing around. You got this, Zen 🙏

    man in the front
    Underwhelming Experience

    I recently bought this pack, but it was a letdown. The graphics look cheap, and gameplay is out of sync. It's not worth the high price. Disappointing for any Star Trek and pinball enthusiast.

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